New Pace Bus Policy: Route 208

From Pace Bus Website**

Beginning Sunday, March 3, 2019, Pace Route 208 – Golf Road will operate under a Posted Stops Only policy. Buses on this route will stop to pick up and drop off passengers only at bus stop signs with the Pace logo and route number.

On most routes, Pace customers can currently board a bus by flagging down the bus where it is safe to do so, regardless of whether that location has a posted bus stop sign. In the interest of public safety and efficiency, Pace is changing that model and is working to convert all bus routes to a posted-stops-only operation over the next few years.

Pace is implementing this change to:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Provide better information for riders
  • Improve the route’s on-time performance

Pace Route 250 was converted to posted-stops-only service on May 13, 2012. Route 213 is tentatively scheduled for conversion on April 7, 2019. The conversion date for Route 215 is not yet determined.

A handout listing all the designated bus stop locations for Route 208 will be available on buses. This information can also be found by visiting or calling Pace customer service at 847-364-7223.