#2020Census Videos at Brookfield Zoo

A lot of Cook County and 15th District residents have questions about the upcoming #2020Census.

A lot of those residents love watching cute animal videos and find animal puns amoosing!

If that sounds like you, paws what you are doing and watch this introduction to my exciting new project I’ve been working on with Brookfield Zoo and Cook County Government to share information about the upcoming #2020Census. I’ll be posting a video with a special animal guest each week starting next week until Census Day on April 1st to help everyone understand what the Census is, why all of our communities are working so hard to ensure everyone is counted, and address some common questions and misconceptions about the census.

Check it out and let minnow what you think. Subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss a video. Can’t wait to share the first one with you next week!

#MakeitCount #BeCounted #CookCountyCensus

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